There has been an increasing need for a group of commercial restoration specialists truly working together across the USA for some time now. We found that most contractors were residential focused and had little experience with commercial clients and jobs. Working with our clients, we received feedback from property managers, contractors, building owners, etc., telling us there needed to be a better and more professional way to do this. The service level and tools that were available were not that effective and the old way of doing things was the standard.

With our background in the restoration and tech industries, we decided to create a more organized system and workflow that focused on the commercial property so that everyone involved had a “win win” scenario .

Building the contractor network was the first piece of the puzzle. In building this effective model, it showed us how to properly expand from local and statewide to regional and country wide markets, clients and procedures.

Nationwide Restoration Contractor Network

We have limited contractors per market, trained properly with ample experience to properly service the area. With the right commercial restoration partners onboard, our process flows smoothly whether it’s local, regional, or countrywide.

We then started working with a large broker and streamlined our process further, incorporating their needs and ensuring a proper workflow where everyone understands their roles in commercial claims and commercial claim management.

Experienced Commercial Specialists

This has now leveraged Commercial Restoration USA the opportunity to work directly with the commercial arm of some large insurance companies’ commercial policies and clients. We help reduce their exposure while providing piece of mind by providing access to our pre loss plans and experienced commercial specialists. This generates a more complete pre-loss claim, so that claims information and services are more effective and efficient.

At our core, we set out to do what is right for all parties involved. We strive everyday to get better and to help our members become stronger and create strong lasting relationships far into the future.