Grow Your Commercial Business

Get more Commercial Work and be part of the best Commercial Restoration specialist group across the USA.

We painstakingly select contractors who specialize in commercial restoration and want to grow their commercial footprints. Commercial restoration is a much different game than residential. We work with those companies who take it seriously, follow IICRC standards, and uphold the highest level of professionalism when an emergency or disaster happens.

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Our Network of Commercial Restoration

We have created the largest commercial assignment group in the USA. We encourage and assist our members in working together and creating a “win win” scenario for all involved. Along with member to member job opportunities we also have assignments given from our Agent, broker and Insurance partners to our members, ensuring our clients are always well taken care of and the work is done to the highest standards.

Storm Response Opportunity & Support

Whether you are in a storm area or traveling to one to assist in the commercial loss damage. In the storm areas, you will only will be dealing with VIP Commercial Restoration USA clients ensuring everything is streamlined, including payment. Member to Member jobs are also issued in the storm areas and you have the opportunity to work with other commercial Specialists who complete the same high level professionalism and work that you do.

If you have an large commercial client that has a regional or USA wide presence, we offer assistance in securing this account. Commercial Restoration USA and other members will assist in securing this client, enabling you to sell any sized account or job and know it will be completed to the same professional standards.

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Our commercial sales expertise, systems and support are at your disposal. Limited contractors are selected per market so that we do not over saturate. We only take those companies who can perform the work in a high quality fashion and who understand and complete the commercial requirement of the clients.

The Apps and software are extremely easy to use and our process is very straight forward and streamlined. If you think you fit the model of Commercial Restoration USA, please reach out to us today and we would be happy to review your application. Thank you,